1. To add an expense from your desktop, click the "+" button and then, New Expense

2. Select the date when the expense was made, Pay type, Amount, Currency & Payment Method. Then attach a document (receipt or invoice image) & add any necessary comments before you Add.

💡Submitting an Expense from Business trip? Link them together! Read how to associate Expense with a Business trip.

4. Now you have added a new expense, but it has not been submitted, yet. To view your expenses & submit, click on your picture or name in top-right corner > My Profile > Expenses
Here you can modify, review,  or delete your expenses, submit them separately or in bulk, & track their status.

To add an expense on your mobile, head to the left side Menu > Expenses.
Here, you will view the status of all expenses. Press the "+" button to add an individual expense.

Take a photo or Upload Image as an attachment as well as categorising and commenting on your claim.

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