Timesheets module is based on "Timesheet groups". This is because timesheets are usually enabled only for specific employees.

CakeHR's "Timesheet groups" functionality allows to create multiple groups of employees & their timesheet managers which is perfect for different working patterns or managing timesheets for employees is different locations. 

Timesheets have 4 access levels: 

  1. Admin
    This is the main CakeHR administrator access level - can see & do everything in the system.
  2. Timesheet administrator
    A unique employee who can see & do everything related to any employee who has timesheets. On top of that, this person will have access to "Timesheets" tab in Settings (no other tabs will be visible). This means this person can manage Timesheet groups - add/edit employees & managers assigned to them.
  3. Timesheet group manager
    Similar to teams, these employees will be able to view, edit & approve timesheets for the employees in their timesheet group.
  4. Timesheet group employee
    Employees assigned to a timesheet group have timesheets enabled. They can edit their timesheet & submit it to manager for approval based on your timesheet settings. Once timesheet is submitted, employee cannot edit it anymore.

How to specify roles:

  1. Only an admin of your CakeHR account can specify who the Timesheet Administrator/s will be. This is done in Settings > Timesheets > General.  

 2.  Next step is to set Timesheet Groups to define who will be Timesheet managers & which employees will access Timesheets functionality.

Once this is completed, the selected employees will have access to Timesheets module. Also, after this we recommend to take a closer look at Settings > Timesheets > General to define other crucial settings to automate your Timesheet management as much as possible. 

As always, feel free to reach out to our support team via the chat-box should your require more information. We will be happy to help! 

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