In addition to default allowance, time off policies can be set to automatically give additional days based on employee work anniversaries. No more manual calculations & individual updating - allow CakeHR to handle this for you! 

To enable this feature:

1. Open Settings > Time Off > Policies & click on SETTINGS of the time off policy you wish to edit or ADD NEW POLICY:

2. At the top you see the default allowance & to add allowance based on length of service, open Allowance section & start adding the rules. Save the changes. Easy!

Q: What happens next, when & how are the additional days given out? 

A: The system recalculates & gives allowance on employee's anniversary. In the above example, employee will receive additional one day on his first anniversary regardless when the reset date is,

We hope this helps you automate routine tasks! Should you have any questions - let us know in the chat! 😊🙌

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