Feedback review feature is an amazing solution for your monthly, quarterly, annual reviews & 360 appraisals.

Firstly, you should check out Settings > Performance > Feedback.

Here you can add & edit the categories (competencies). To save you time & energy, all categories with their descriptions will appear in a dropdown menu when creating a new review template. You'll be able to add as many questions under a specific category, as you wish.

Scroll to the bottom to adjust the Feedback settings to your liking (see image below) & don't forget to save your preferences. These are global settings and will apply to all Feedback reviews you create. 

Now that you've adjusted your preferences, let's create a new Feedback review! 

Watch this video for an easy to follow guide on how to do it (don't forget to watch in HD) : 

0:00 Creating a feedback template
1:52 Sending out
3:30 Filling out a review
4:16 Viewing results
6:50 Sharing Individual results with an employee

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