Custom fields are very useful when you have an important data to add to your employees' profiles, in addition to the default fields provided by system. You can use these fields to create Custom reports, group employees by certain data, and add unlimited details that are useful when you work with Employee records.

To create/add new Custom fields, from your Dashboard click on your name in top-right corner to go to Settings > Employee data > Custom fields > Add new

In this field, give the new custom field a name, select type of the field (Text field, Website, Email, Text area, Dropdown, Multi-select, Employee dropdown, Tags or Date), add optional description, select the Tab/location where you wish to add this field and review the access settings:

Once this is completed, click to "Add"

Next, click on "Eligibility" to select employees this field will be relevant to. You can select Everyone to make the field default to all employees (added to new employees automatically) or select specific employees (individually, by Team, by Position or by Location) > Save

Now this filed will be available to complete in the same way as other default fields for selected employees.

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