Show available meeting rooms when scheduling 1-to-1.

To set up this integration, you need to have "Administrator" level access in CakeHR.

Go to Settings > Performance > 1-to-1

At the bottom of the page, click on the button "Add Outlook calendar" & follow the steps: 

You will be asked to grant CakeHR full permissions to your internal calendars for both read & write access. This is needed so that we can show meeting room availability direct in CakeHR as well as add a new 1-to-1 meeting directly in your selected meeting room. You may want to check with your IT administrator if this is okay to do so.

Once you have given access, we will pull a list of available calendars & show them in Settings:

  • you can also select multiple calendar if you have one calendar per each meeting room.

Now, when anyone will schedule 1-to-1 meeting, they will be able to see if there are any meeting rooms available:

Clicking on the green text will open a new window showing what's happening on the selected day:

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