CakeHR provides open API that can be used to connect to other systems & get all the information at your fingertips.

Your CakeHR company has an individual API service that supports all common endpoints.

API documentation

Follow the link to access CakeHR API documentation, browse the endpoints & data samples.

Access CakeHR API Docs

How to start using CakeHR API

Please note: enabling API access requires a user with Admin rights. 

To activate API go to Settings -> Integrations -> API.

Clicking 'Enable API access' will activate the access to API & provide you with your unique API key.

How to access & authenticate to CakeHR API from an external system

CakeHR authentication scheme uses an API key (API token). Your API key should be kept a secret. Do not disclose your API key to 3rd parties & use only secure  channels to communicate it within your team.

API key is a mandatory detail that should be passed in X-Auth-Token header with every request sent to endpoint URL.

Once generated, API key will not change, but it will always remain unique to your user.
However, disabling & enabling your API access again will generate a new API key for every user of your CakeHR account.

Please note: if an admin user loses their admin permissions, their API key will be invalidated.

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