CakeHR allows to automatically allocate Employee # field value to your employees upon creation, incrementing numbers with every new employee. This is a simple feature that saves time & manual effort when creating an Employee or importing multiple Employees.

ℹ️To set this up you will require a user with Administrator level of access

Start by enabling this feature in Settings - Employee data - Employment statuses:

When you have enabled the checkbox & Saved the setting, CakeHR system will automatically allocate the Employee # to the next added employee. If "Begin numbering from ..." is set to 1, then next added Employee will receive Employee # value of 1. 

💡If you're using CakeHR & already have some Employees in place with numbers allocated, then a good idea would be to start numbering with the latest Employee #

ℹ️If you're feeling that you could use some clean up in your Employee #, our Mass editing feature could come very useful.

What happens with terminated employees?
CakeHR will not automatically re-use the number of a terminated employee. This ensures consistency since such employee can be re-hired.

What if I begin numbering with a value which is behind my existing Employee #?
It is possible to overlap existing Employee # with automatically generated ones. For example, you can have Employee # 20 while your "Begin numbering from..." is configured to start with 20 as well. 

Can I still adjust Employee # after it gets allocated?
Yes. If Employee # has been allocated automatically, a user with Admin access will still be able to adjust it manually in Employee's profile. However, next allocated Employee # will still follow the incremental pattern. E.g.: 

  • the system has allocated Employee # 10
  • Admin user adjusts it to 9
  • when next employee will be added, their Employee # will be 11.

We hope that you found this article useful! If you have any questions, suggestions or requests, please make sure to reach us via Support widget :)

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