Tailored approach is particularly important when working with talents that will power your business. This article describes how to tailor the messaging related to consents & data retention with CakeHR Recruitment module.

⚠️ Attention! This article describes part of Data retention feature suite in CakeHR. Data retention mechanism may automatically alter the data of your applicants. We strongly recommend reading this article before activating this feature.

What do I need to set it up?

  • A user with 'Administrator' level access in CakeHR
  • Enabled Recruitment module to work with applicants

Configuring emails

Let's start by venturing into Settings -> Recruitment -> Data retention to find "Email templates" section. 

This section lists the email templates that may be used if Data retention policy is enabled in CakeHR:

Click the pencil icon to open the edit view of any of these emails. Here you can edit the text that will be used as a basis for the email. You can use various placeholders that will be converted into values based on data stored & configured in your system.

This way, {retention_duration_short_days} is a value entered in "Store personal information for ___ days" parameter in Settings -> Recruitment -> Data retention.

When you're done with editing the email template, click 'Save' and then click an 'eye' icon to preview your email:

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