Competencies feature is part of Performance module and lets you store, manage & collect feedback on all the related knowledge, skills, abilities, and attributes that form a person's job. 

Competencies are divided in General competencies & Professional competencies:

> General competencies typically are soft skills attributed to a team.

> On the other hand, Professional competencies are hard skills attributed to a position within a team. 

The purpose of this feature is not only to outline competencies for employees to see them, but also for making it easier for the managers to collect feedback on how employees are performing. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to set them up:

Step 1. Adding competencies. User with Administrator permissions needs to open Settings > Performance > Competencies > ADD COMPETENCY

A modal will appear allowing you to add competencies & section them by General or Professional category

Step 2. Linking competencies with employees. After you add all your competencies, open Competencies tab in the side-bar menu & start grouping which competencies apply to which team and position (Note: there is a pre-condition that teams and positions need to be already added to the system before adding competencies). This will automatically update the employee data who match the team & position criteria. On the other hand, you can add competencies on individual employee level as well by opening a specific Employee's profile > Competencies tab > Add competency. 

After competencies are linked with employees, you can use them to easily collect feedback prior to your 1-to-1's. To do that, schedule new 1-to-1 & be sure to tick the 'Performance review' check-box:

This means that in the next two steps you can select which competencies will be reviewed & by whom:

The results of this review will be added to your 1-to-1 meeting agenda & available for export to pdf. 

We hope this article helps! In case you have any more questions about how Competencies feature works - message us using the chat-box in the bottom-right corner!

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