Improve company onboarding process and automate those repetitive onboarding tasks across departments. Replace paper documents with digital processes that are triggered when the time is right.

To add a new Workflow, first head to Settings > Onboarding > Workflows. Click Add New.

Link relevant Task Templates with your Workflow. Use ''+'' sign to add additional task. Use ''-'' to specify days before the start date and 0 if task should be sent and/or completed the same day as start date.

You can link tasks, to make one follow immediately after the previous one was completed. Use inner ''+'' sign for that.

Once workflows are set up, head to Settings > Onboarding > Automations. Click Add New. 

Set up certain workflow to be triggered once a new employee is assigned to specific team or location. Please note that team/location should be specified at a time when new employee's profile is created, otherwise, the workflow will not be automatically triggered.

Now you are all set and can be assured that the correct process is followed each time a new employee is onboarded!

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