Set up general onboarding workflow or customize one based on employee's team, department or position. Below, you will find examples of tasks to include in general onboarding workflow.

Before the first day

-Discuss role, goals & projects with the direct manager;
-Add the employee to the organizational chart;
-Prepare employees workstation;
-Create an account (for example CakeHR, company email, Slack etc.) & provide access;
-Prepare benefit package;
-Complete all new hire forms;
-Prepare for new hire training;
-Prepare your new hire paperwork (Employment agreement, A non-disclosure agreement etc.);
-Prepare your new hire's tech (laptop, mobile, screen, headsets etc.);
-Order business cards and/or a desk nameplate;
-Arrange for new employee ID card/building access fob;
-Arrange for parking access, if needed;
-Send your new hire a welcome email telling them what to expect. Include maps, meeting details, etc. 

A new hire's first day

-Welcome to the team & office tour;
-Provide employee handbook and answer any questions employee may have;
-Review all policies, such as safety and security policies;
-Introduce to company culture;
-Meet to check over the paperwork;
-Arrange lunch with some of key team members.

A new hire's first week

-Review employee performance evaluations and set goals;
-Give an employee any initial assignments;
-Check that the equipment assigned to the employee is functioning and answer related questions.

A new hire's first month

-Provide feedback;
-Ask feedback (if you have Performance module enabled, you can use Surveys for this task);
-Review past and upcoming assignments.

After probation period

-Ask for feedback on your onboarding process (if you have Performance module enabled, you can use Surveys for this task);
-Feedback on direct manager;
-Feedback from the direct manager on a new hire (if you have Performance module enabled, you can use Feedback for this task);
-Set future performance and development goals.

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