Knowing where applicants find your job ad is critical for knowing which platforms offer the best ROI for your recruitment budget. CakeHR offers some default sources (such as careers page or friend referral), allows to create custom sources (to select from when adding applicants manually) & additionally you can create your unique source URLs for knowing where exactly applicants saw your job ad, e.g. LinkedIn. 

1. To create a custom source:

Open Settings > Recruitment > General > Custom Sources > Add new:

Custom sources will show up in a dropdown when adding employees manually: 

2. To create a unique source URL: 

Click on the VISIBILITY tab when creating a new (or editing an existing) position & scroll to the very bottom to find Unique sources section. Click Add new source:

Give it a name (which will appear in the report), enter the desired keyword in unique link field which will appear at the end of the default shareable link & hit Save:

Click on the Copy to Clipboard icon on the right hand side & you are ready to paste your unique source URL in your LinkedIn job post:

With CakeHR you can look at the sources report at any time. No more manual reports, no more wasted hours, no more frustration. 

Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our Support team using the messenger on the bottom-right corner. We are here for you! 

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