Life is so busy at times, it is natural to overlook some incoming prompts. Still, there's always someone waiting for the reply to arrive (which might be especially exciting, if it's a vacation request)!
To help the impatience we have equipped CakeHR with automatic email notifications that will arrive to remind about pending time off requests.

💡 New in CakeHR? E-mail reminders will be enabled straight out of the box!
But if your account has been created before 22 Nov 2019, -  enable the reminders with few easy steps below!

How to set this up?

️ℹ️ To configure this feature you will require a user with Administrator-level access

Click on your profile name in top-right corner & go to Settings. Then venture into Time off tab to select 'Time off approvers' from the expandable list of settings. 

Scroll down to the bottom to find 'Reminders' section:

Mark the checkbox 'Send a reminder email to approvers who have unapproved time off requests' to show additional configuration options. 

Here you can specify:

  • days of the week when emails will send 
  • time when the emails will go out on each day - according to the timezone set up for your account (Settings ---> General)
  • time off policy - if an approver is off using this this policy, reminders won't be sent. This is useful to avoid cluttering for some particular leave types.

ℹ️ The first reminder email will go out not earlier than the next day after the pending time off was requested.

Important note: the reminder emails might take some extra time to arrive into your inbox. If set up to trigger at 15:45 (3:45PM), the email might actually arrive at 15:50 (3:50PM) or later. This is occasioned by the route the emails takes through the mail servers, number of reminders & the velocity of magic that drives CakeHR emails forward. 

We hope this article was helpful! If you have any questions, please reach out to us via the support icon on the bottom right! :)

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