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This article will tell you about Areas in CakeHR. We've created Areas very flexible to allow specifying extra attributes to shifts - for example, location where the shift is being taken, or an occupation of an employee doing the work. Let's see how it works.

ℹ️ What do I need to configure Areas?

  • Active Shift scheduling module in your CakeHR account
  • Administrator-level access rights

Setting up Areas

Let's start by going into Settings --> Shift scheduling --> Areas. This is where you create & manage your Areas. For example, our employees have two Areas to perform their work in: Courtyard & Warehouse.

It's important to note that All areas will be available to your employees initially. 

However, you can specify the primary (default) areas for some employees. A default area is Area your employee usually works in commonly. Only one default Area can be assigned to an employee. This is optional configuration that will just make the scheduling easier - here is how to assign a default area.

Click on Employees button to make a certain area common for your employees:

A modal will open to select the employees.

💡 Make use of filters available in selection window to find your employees easier!

When you've finished creating your Areas, you're done! Now let's take a look how Areas behave in other parts of the system.

Areas in Shift templates

Shift templates can have default Areas assigned too. How are they different from the default ones we assigned to employees previously? Here's the answer: if a certain Area isn't set primary for an employee in Areas setting, then Area from a shift template will be used. Simple as that!

You can configure Shift templates in Settings --> Shift scheduling --> Shift templates

Assigning a shift

Now to the key part of the performance: how Area would apply when a shift is  assigned to an employee.

Manager will be able to select from shift templates or assign a custom shift to an employee, - in both cases shift will have an Area. Here how it will be applied:

  • If an employee has a default Area assigned, then the shift assigned to this employee will always use the default area as a primary (both for the custom shift & a one from shift template)
  • If an employee doesn't have a default Area, then the Area specified in a Shift template will be used

Manager can always override a default Area with any other Area present in the system. This is particularly useful when your employee has agreed to replace someone in another Area (for example, a Warehouse worker will go to help out in Courtyard).

That's it! We hope this article was helpful to you! Having any extra questions, please reach out to our support. :)

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