Your CakeHR dashboard is designed for you - by you.

By clicking on the top "cog", you can select the widgets you would like to see on your dashboard. Simply click on the widget name and it will automatically appear on
the dashboard.

You can move your widgets in the stack as well as delete if necessary!

As an added bonus, you can change the background to suit your mood 😉 

Managing the contents of Dashboard widgets

You can specify how much information the widgets will deliver. 


To configure the contents of the widget hover on the rightmost side of the header bar to reveal a hidden cog icon.

Clicking the icon will open a modal that allow to specify the Period and Teams. Once specified, widget will show anniversaries for Employees in selected teams, within upcoming period of time:

Here is an example:

Out of office

Out of office widget allows to track current absences in company. You can narrow or expand the contents of this widget by selecting Teams of your interest. 

Start by clicking a Cog icon - it will reveal on hover:

Clicking the cog icon will show a modal where you can specify the teams - when off, members of these teams will be tracked in the widget, along with time off dates:

Like this:

My balance

My balance widget depicts the status of your time-offs by each policy:

By clicking an on-hover cog icon you can specify which Time off policies should be tracked in the widget:

ℹ️ Your preferences are saved in your browser and may reset if you delete your browsing data.

We hope this article has been helpful! For any questions or suggestions please make sure to reach our support.

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