On a journey towards the paperless document flow it's always employees who stand first. CakeHR is there to help with timely delivery of all necessary documents directly to your colleagues' self-serviced workstations & getting their acceptance in due time!

ℹ️ To use this feature you will require a CakeHR user with administrator level permissions

Let's begin by venturing into Documents section of your CakeHR account via 'Documents' tab in the menu section on the left:

This will bring you into the place where all your company's documents are stored in CakeHR. Click 'Add new' - an 'Add document' modal will open. Fill in all necessary fields & mark the checkbox saying 'Ask to accept the document'.

Marking the checkbox also allows to specify the deadline for providing the acceptance. It's has purely informative purpose & is optional, but is sometimes useful in communication.

When done, scroll down & click 'Upload'. This will upload the document into your CakeHR account. Every employee who should receive the acceptance request will get a notification on their Dashboard, asking to provide acceptance for the document:

Approving or Declining the document will record a status which is then will be available to administrator in Documents section:

Voila! That easy.
We hoped you enjoyed this quick article on documents - feel free to chat us via support widget if you have any questions related to this or any other functionality in CakeHR!

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