You can use CakeHR to help with timely delivery of all necessary documents directly to your colleagues and getting their acceptance for those documents in due time.

📎NOTE: To use this feature you will require a CakeHR user with administrator level permissions

  1. On the main menu, click DOCUMENTS.

2. This brings you to where all your company's documents are stored in CakeHR.

3. Click ADD NEW - an Add document modal will open.

4. Fill in all necessary fields and mark the checkbox that says Ask to accept the document.

Marking the checkbox also allows you to specify a deadline to accept this document.

📎NOTE: This has purely informative purpose and is optional, but is a useful internal communications tool.

When finished, scroll down and click UPLOAD. This uploads the document into your CakeHR account. Every employee you have selected to receive the acceptance request will get a notification on their Dashboard asking them to provide acceptance for the document.

They can either click APPROVE or DECLINE.

Approving or declining the document records a status which is then made available for an administrator to see in the DOCUMENTS section:

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