Quantify your performance management with individual performance scores that are based on goal completion rates & goal importance. 

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So what does this functionality do, in short?

When an employee completes their goals, their performance against every goal will be assessed to form their final performance score. The impact of each goal will be defined by goal completion rate & the importance of that goal (the "weight" of the goal).

Let's take a look how it works!

How do I set it up?

ℹ️This feature is a part of Goals functionality in Performance module of CakeHR. You need to have a subscription to Performance module & have Goals enabled in Settings -> Performance -> General settings.

ℹ️ To configure this feature you will require a CakeHR user with administrator level permissions.

To begin using this feature you will need to enable it in Settings.
Let's venture into Settings -> Performance -> Goals to find the checkbox "Enable individual performance score calculation". 

Mark the checkbox to reveal two extra tables. These tables allow to set up how the calculations will be done for the employee performance score.

The Goal progress table allows to translate the goal progress into numerical values which will be further used in calculation of employee performance scores.
If you are already using Goals, the modal below will look familiar to you. This is the modal that allows registering the progress on every goal. With configuration below setting goal progress to Achieved will mean that the goal is completed to 100%. 

The Goal weight table allows to determine the impact of existing goal types for the calculation of employee Performance score. There are four goal types in CakeHR: Personal goals, Team goals, Development goals & Company goals.
You may choose to build your calculations only on certain goal types. To do that you can uncheck a goal type in the Goal weight table as we did it in the example below.

ℹ️ When configuring goal weights for Development goals, make sure you have Development goals enabled & available to your employees in Settings --> Performance --> General settings.

How the performance scores will be calculated for my employees?

Employee's performance score is calculated based on the formula below.

NB! This formula is valid if all goal types are included in Performance score calculation. In the example above we have considered a scenario with Company goals excluded. In such case correct formula will not include Company goals too & will calculate based on the remaining goal types.

Where can I see employee performance score?

Option 1: Employee performance score will be displayed in Goals tab in individual employee profile.

Make sure to use that Show more button to access employee's performance score overview over the entire year.

We have also added Performance score to the Development goals tab, for easier access

Option 2: Performance Score report

Visit Reports -> Performance -> Performance score to see all goals by types & completion levels! It's a cosy location where achievements are kept together :)

Who can see the performance scores of my employees?

Performance scores can be accessed by the performance group manager, system admin, employee's direct manager as well direct manager's managers according to the Depth setting in Performance module.

If you have any questions - we are happy to help! Feel free to use the chat-box to reach out to our support team.

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