Making time for regular conversations with your colleagues is essential in building trust, helping employees stay inspired & aligned. CakeHR's 1-to-1 feature allows you to prepare & hold your most productive 1-to-1s ever. Regardless of whether you are in a meeting room or connecting online. 

Top 3 most popular meeting reasons we have noticed from our clients are: 

  • weekly & monthly check-in, 
  • performance review
  • end of probation meeting

So how can you start using CakeHR to help you with these? 

  1. To start using the 1-to-1 feature, make sure you have enabled it under Settings > Performance > General.

2. Head over to Settings > Performance > 1-to-1 , to create a variety of custom templates depending on the nature of the meeting. Creating them in advance will save you a lot of time in the future!

3. Meetings can be scheduled from the sidebar menu or from employee profile under 1-to-1 section. Add meeting title, location (optional), date/time, select template & follow the workflow to add custom questions & collect feedback from other employees.

! Pro Tip #1: Use the name of the column as a filter:

4. After the meeting is scheduled, an email + calendar invite is sent to the employee & you can start preparing for it - fill out feedback questionnaire, update goal completion rate, add specific checklist items you don't want to forget to discuss.

5. On the day of the meeting you can finalise it by going to the Employee profile >
1-to-1 tab > Finalise.
Meet with your employee (in person or online) & go through this page together. Don't forget to add your meeting notes & sign off. Manager has to sign off first & only then employee receives a task to sign off. 

6. When the meeting is complete & signed off, it is saved in a read-only mode & you can come back to it at any time in the future by opening the 'Completed' section in
1-to-1 tab. If you wish to download or print the file, we have prepared a neat PDF version for your convenience. :)

! Pro Tip #2: Set up a reminder email or task for managers to schedule their 1-to-1s:

Head over to Settings > Performance > Review Cycles to add a new cycle & then add the triggers - specific emails or tasks you want the managers to receive. 

We hope you enjoyed this article! Should you have any more questions feel free to reach out using the chat-box on the right side! :) 

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