Once you have downloaded and completed your import template, you are ready to import this date into CakeHR.

On the main menu, click Company, then click Import

  1. Click SELECT FILE and locate and select your Excel import file. 
  2. Click Open, then click IMPORT
  3. Allow time for your employee details to show in CakeHR.  

📎NOTE: Employees aren’t invited at this stage. You only send out welcome emails to your employees once you have set everything up.

Check your imported data 

  1. On the main menu, click Reports, then Employee Data
  2. Click Custom reports, then click NEW
  3. In the title enter Employee data
  4. Select the fields to include in this report. 
  5. Click Save
  6. Check the details of your employees are correct. 

Correct any mistakes  

If you spot a mistake or spelling mistake, you should correct it at this stage: 

  1. Click the first name of the relevant employee.
  2. Correct the relevant information then, click SAVE



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