Clocking in is a feature that allows employees to clock in and out of work via their Dashboard in CakeHR. These clocking times then show on employees’ timesheets.

If this feature is required, the following steps explain how to set up clocking in. 

Only employees with administrator or timesheet administrator access can follow these steps: 


 Enable clocking in and out

  1. Click your name in the top right, then click Settings
  2. On the settings menu click TIMESHEETS, then click General   
  3. Scroll down to Clocking in and out, then select Enable time clock
  4. Scroll down, click SAVE

Now time clock has been enabled it is instantly available to all employees who are in timesheet groups. In addition to this, you now have a new Time clocking tab on your settings menu within TIMESHEETS.

Time clocking settings 

  1. Click your name in the top right, then click Settings.
  2. On the settings menu click TIMESHEETS, then click Time clocking  - this appears once you have enabled time clock. 
  3. On the Time clocking rounding drop-down, select what number of minutes you want clocking in to round to. 
  4. Select the alerts that you want to apply.
  5. Enter how many hours you want an employee to automatically be clocked out after if they forget to clock out (counted from the last clock in).
  6. Click SAVE

For further help on set up, go to our Welcome hub.

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