ℹ️ To set up Announcements you will require admin-level access to Announcements functionality OR admin-level access to CakeHR account

💡 Please note! If your CakeHR account is registered before 30 April 2020, the Announcements will be disabled in your account. Visit Settings to enable this feature!

Let's begin by venturing into Settings --> Announcements --> General.


Here you will see the following simple controls:
Show Announcements - this checkbox controls whether Announcements feed is visible in side nav for all employees with any level of access. Published Announcements will be saved even if the feed is disabled and will be there when enabled again.

If Announcements feature is enabled, you can limit it to Administrators. This is handy if you'd like to create a bit of content prior opening the access to wide audience of employees.

Announcements administrators field allows selecting users who will access the settings, draft announcements & most importantly - will get to add new posts & edit existing ones. Administrators can also delete comments under the published Announcements.

Reactions allow selecting up to 5 emoji that can be used to react to each published Announcement.


Announcements are grouped by Topic which can then be used as a Filter on the newsfeed. CakeHR provides five topics out of the box:

"New joiners", "Events", "Your action required", "Breaking news" & "Company news".
You can add more Topics & edit the existing ones - get creative!

Topics can be ordered by dragging them using the arrows icon. The order of Topics in the table will influence the order in which Topics will appear on top of the newsfeed.

We hope that this quick article about Announcements was helpful! If you have questions about this or other functionality of CakeHR, please message us using the support widget in the bottom-right corner.

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