Sometimes you may need to change an employee's time off policy balance without changing their individual time off allowance. Whether this is to enter time off already taken, or to give an employee an extra day holiday etc.

Change time off available balances 

Only employees with administrator access can follow these steps:


  1. On the main menu, click COMPANY.
  2. Click on the employee's name that you would like to adjust remaining leave for. You can use Location and Team to help filter the employees.
  3. On the profile menu click TIME OFF.
  4. The Time off summary informs you how much leave is available for each time off policy the employee is eligible for. Click CHANGE BALANCE.
  5. Ensure the correct employee is selected.
  6. Select the leave type that needs to be adjusted.
  7. Select the amount of days employee has already used. If part days have been taken enter it the amount as a decimal.
  8. Under Action, select Increase or Decrease.
  9. Leave the transaction date as it is.

Under Time off summary, the available amount for that leave policy has now changed.

If you look at Time off details

  • Yearly allowance stays the same 
  • Manual transactions is now different 
  • Available says the same as the number in Time off summary 

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