What are Recipes?

Recipes is a special feature that allows you to build custom automated "If this happens Then do that" workflows. When configured, specific actions are triggered in CakeHR based on the conditions you specify.

Below are some ideas.

Idea 1: Automatically remind a direct manager to greet a colleague on their birthday

In daily pursuit of success, it is a good idea to keep up team morale and to remind people of little personal things, such as a birthday greeting.

📌TIP: Use placeholders to automatically insert the details that you store in CakeHR.

Idea 2: Automatically inform about a new joiner starting soon

When there's a new starter in your company starting soon, get CakeHR to remind the their Team Manager to ensure they are welcomed and onboarded well.

📌TIP: Use Recipes to inform multiple parties across your business about a new team member. Get CakeHR to send automated emails to team and direct managers to organise the onboarding, and for IT department to provide all necessary accounts & equipment.

Need suppliers informed to get some equipment prepared timely? Recipes will send an email to an email address outside of your organisation.

Idea 3: Track changes in employee personal data

You can set up CakeHR to enable employees to submit all their details in their own profile, thus reducing the workload for the HR department. If an employee updates their last name, Recipes can track it for you:

Idea 4: Create a task for business trip arrangements

When an important business trip is upcoming, automatically create a task to a responsible employee to help the traveller with their business trip arrangements

Idea 5: Remind your team about a monthly event

Does your team traditionally volunteer on every 25th day of the month? Or maybe you're having a monthly retrospective or just a team outing?

Kick off the action with an automated email:

We hope these 5 ideas for Recipes will help you to fortify some day to day communication with automated actions.

If you have any questions or feedback around this or any other functionality, please chat to our support.

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