Certain type of absences may require being backed up by a document. CakeHR allows employees to provide these documents alongside the time-off requests. Besides, you can determine if having the attachment will become mandatory based on employee's absence history.

ℹ️ What do I need to configure this?

  • Active Leave management module
  • Admin-level access to CakeHR company account

Let's begin by opening the Settings menu from the profile menu (1). Then let's navigate to the list of Time off policies, appearing under 'Time off' section of the settings (2). When the list opens, click 'Add new policy' (3).

When a new policy modal window is open, scroll to the bottom and open 'Additional fields'. Check 'Allow to add an attachment when requesting time off using this policy' to see all the available options.

CakeHR has three behaviours to select from:

  1. "Attachment is not mandatory" - an option to add a file will be presented to an employee when requesting time off via current policy, however, it will not be enforced
  2. "Attachment is always mandatory" - an employee won't be able to submit the request without having attached the file
  3. Attachment behaviour based on conditions - if selected, attaching file alongside time off request will be mandatory based on individual employee's absence history. You can operate three conditions for this mode:
  • A number of approved occasions of absence: an occasion is a single case of absence. An occasion of absence can have any duration, as long as it's taken as a single request. Example: If an employee had requested 3 days off (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) as 1 request - this would still be a single occasion. If the same employee had additionally requested 1 day of Sickness leave on Friday, then altogether it would count as 2 occasions of absence.
  • A number of consecutive days of absence - an uninterrupted series of days when an employee is absent every day. Can be taken in multiple requests. An absence that covers Friday and Monday (with a weekend in between), or any other working day absence according to Employment Status, is considered an absence of 2 consecutive days.
  • Tracking period - duration when the conditions above are met.

Can I add extra fields to attach a file to time off request?

Yes! You can add a custom field with type 'Attachment' that will be used when requesting time off on this particular policy.

In 'Additional fields' section of Time off policy settings enable Show additional fields below "Details".

Click 'Manage fields' and then select 'Add new' to start adding a new custom field:

Specify Field name (in our example it's a Scan of your ID), field type (Attachment) and select whether you'd like this attachment to be mandatory on submission.

Hit 'Save' and you're done!

We hope that this article about attachments in Time off was helpful! If you have questions about this or other functionality of CakeHR, please message us using the support widget in the bottom-right corner.

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