Employees may take a leave, and it may me required to stop allowance accrual of some policies while the employee is on leave.

ℹ️ What do I need to configure this?

  • Admin-level access to CakeHR company account.
  • Leave Management module.

To see what scenarios where this feature could become handy, go to the bottom of this article.

Add a policy to stop accruing

Open the Settings menu from the profile menu (1) navigate to Time Off and click on policies (2). When the window open the settings of the policy that will stop accruing when taking a leave (3).

In the section "Do not accrue when taking leave from one of these policies" add the policy. In the example below, an employee who usually accrues 1 hour per logged day, will not accrue any allowance when tacking a Sickday.

One more thing

When a policy stops accruing during a leave, both policies need to have the same default working hours (under "General" settings of the policy).

ℹ️ Scenarios when this feature becomes handy

Scenario 1 🏖️

Globex corporation has two time off policies:

  • 1 hour accrued per logged working day in timesheets
  • 5 days as personal days, per year

❗Globex has the following condition: if the employee takes a personal day, then the employee will not accrue 1 hour as it will not be considered a working day.

  • Employee works Monday to Friday ➡️ employee will have 5 hours accrued at the end of the week.
  • Employee takes Friday off as a personal day ➡️ employee will have accumulated 4 hours instead.

How is this calculated?

If 1 working day means 1 hour accrued, that means 5 worked days is 5 hours. However if one of those days is a personal day, it will not be a working day and therefore 5 hours - 1 hour = 4 hours.

Scenario 2🏖️

Acme corporation has two time off policies:

  • annual vacation of 24 days per year
  • 3 month leave, when the employee has been in the organization for longer than 10 years.

❗Acme has the following condition: if the employee takes the 3 month leave, then the annual vacation will not accrue during those 3 months.

That means, the employee will not have 24 days available that year, but 18 days instead.

How is this calculated?

24 days a year means an accrual of 2 days per month. Therefore in 3 months the employee will have not accrued a total of 6 days. Therefore 24 days - 6 days not accrued = 18 days.

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