Defining your assets


It may be that dusty laptop, that secret key card or a special cup but creating your assets in CakeHR is a super easy process.


First, head to Settings > Assets > Categories.

We have already provided you with some ideas but you can add in things like a company car, office keys, drawing tablets. They are simple categories that will help you sort your Inventory easily.


Creating your asset inventory


The inventory is like a library. There is that one item somebody needs and once it has been loaned out, it must be returned before being loaned out once again.


That dusty laptop running Vista? It is actually a MacBook Pro 2013 13”.

It has a slight dent in it from the previous owner on the corner of the lid. How about putting that as a description of the item?

Underneath the body of the laptop, it has a unique Serial Number. Add that in too!


You will always know what assets are available to you and your employees at any time.

You will also know who has what also.


Loaning and returning your assets


Either head to the employee's Profile > Assets and click on “Give Asset”.

Only assets that have been returned to the inventory will be available to select.


You can also do the same as an Administrator under Settings > Assets > Inventory.

Under the Inventory, you can see all items that have been loaned out of returned and perform actions accordingly.


In the same way as loaning, you can return your employee assets via the employee profile

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